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93-year-old woman handcuffed and jailed after refusing to leave her care home

A 93-year-old woman was handcuffed and jailed after refusing to leave a care home she claimed was no longer accepting her rent.

Juanita Fitzgerald, from Lake County, Florida, was arrested on Tuesday after she said the National Church Residences’ Franklin House housing community had decided to “put her out” after blaming her for mould in her apartment.

Police said she was given notice of her eviction on Monday, but refused to leave the building the next day, reports Florida TV station WKMG.

According to a police report seen by the station, Ms Fitzgerald told officers: “Unless you carry me out of here, I’m not going anywhere.”

A Lake County sheriff’s spokesperson said a deputy tried to connect Ms Fitzgerald with members of her family and other housing facilities, but she refused. She also allegedly turned down the offer to stay with a nurse who worked there.

The report states that as officers attempted to escort her out of the building, she intentionally slid down her chair onto the floor, and resisted police when they tried to pick her up.

They eventually managed to get her out of the independent living facility and put her in the back of a patrol car without handcuffs, it said.



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